Server crashes, it shows a timeout of 60 s

I didn’t see any errors in the log file when I crashed.
It shows that the server timeout is 60s.
This is my journal.
Crash log

Yesterday was breaking down. Please help me
I seem to see an error in plan-5.0-build-382.jar. But I’m not sure if it caused it.

There are a few errors in the log. If you do ctrl+f (on mobile press the 3 dots and select “find in page”) and search for the word “exception”.

The problem with server watchdog errors is that they can occur for reasons such as too much being processed at once, so it may not be a problem of one plugin/mod.

For me it looks like galaxycraft is the issue as the warnings of server tick time start right after a message from galaxycraft.

It seems that it’s not caused by galactic raft core
Because I have two servers
I disabled the rocket launch platform in this server
And only a static space station is open, all players are in one space station
And they can’t launch rockets or enter galaxies other than the space station
I found that Botania’s “seeker” can card the server, when there are only two people on the server, when the players wear TPS, they will fall from 19.9 to 6-8
Moreover, the effect improved significantly after i banned wearing, but it still occasionally showed a timeout of 60s
After I removed the plug-in plan-5.0-build-382.ja, I found that there was no 60s timeout
I say so much to show why I can’t see any error report of plan in the log