Server Crashes On Start

I tried to do the fix in the common errors but it still crashes, unless I did something wrong. Which is a good possiblity.
Here’s my crash log.

That crashlog doesn’t even indicate that Sponge is there. I imagine what’s going on is that one of your mods is using an old Mixin version and Sponge fails because it can’t see it. Try renaming your Sponge jar file to start with aaa, that should force Sponge’s Mixin version to load first.

Otherwise, we need a full debug.log, not just a crash log.

I am tryng to get access to the debug.log file but it isn’t giving me any text. Is there a special way you have to open it?

I think this is what you need. [14:26:09] [main/INFO] [LaunchWrapper]: Loading tweak class name net.minecraftfo -
I also did add aaa to the file name and it still crashes.

Nevermind about this issue… I am stupid. I was using a modpack with a newer version of forge.