Server Crashing Due To Entity

Here’s the link to the log: Log File

Been setting up this server, and it’s run great for a few days. This morning however I got an error that was like this one, and it was all the same except instead of the raw rats in the “Entity Being Ticked” section it was bunnies. We had spawned like 200 of them so we figured the server was having a problem with it, so we did a command to kill all of the bunnies as the server was starting, and it worked. Next time we restarted, we got this. We didn’t spawn anything like a million rats, we just have a mod that includes a bunch of rats normally and it was starting and restarting fine before with that mod installed.

I only really understand the entity portion so I’m unsure how the other stuff is affecting it. We haven’t changed any mods before or after these errors started popping up. Would appreciate some help.

Talked with some boys on the discord, it’s an issue with Lockette. Thanks again, fellas