Server Crashing?

Hi all! I am new to Spongeforge servers, and servers in general. I created a server for my buddy and I to play RLcraft a few days ago and came across a few issues. Quite often, we will break blocks and the items won’t drop from the block … but the particle effects will still occur when a block is destroyed. This is happening across the server, and I wasn’t quite sure why. I thought it may be lag.

I was recommended to run the /world border gen command to pre-generate my world, but my server keeps crashing before it can finish generating. Below is a pastebin of my crash log; I was wondering if anyone may offer some advice? Thank you in advance!

edit: Whoops! Here’s my pastebin(s), several crashes.

Hi, it looks like your pastebin log didn’t link, can you please try again?

Ah, thanks for letting me know! I linked them now.

I personally can not see a obvious issue.

The error that was given is where a server tick (essentially the time of the server) took way too long. Typically this is caused by a mod or plugin running a infinite loop (or a long loop) or too many mods/plugins are running at the same time.

As the log isnt reporting a particular mod at fault, the only way to fix the issue is to either remove a mod at a time and see if the error fixes (this will fix the inifite loop error as you will eventually remove the mod with the infinite loop)

Or start the server up with no mods and slowly readd them until it occurs.

For a healthy server, a tick should occur 20 times per second. You can find out the servers tick rate using Sponge timings report