Server don't works

hi =)

I have a problem since I update my server with the last waterfall and last spongeforge, but only me can join it

in logs,
we can see the 1st line where I can join and the 2nd where the player can’t join
But all the players have the same errors and have the same mods like me and the server

so that’s strange !!

I have waterfall
and the last spongeforge 1.12.2-2705-7.1.0-BETA-3160

thanks to help me ! :slight_smile:
have a nice day !!

That error means that they don’t have Forge installed and are using a vanilla client, when your server has mods.

yes but they have all the forge installed and the mods like me or the servers

they have the good forge and the good mod

all the players can’t connect only me can so … i don’t know why

Are you using a custom modpack on Technic? If you are it’s possible you have done the download incorrectly. Also have you asked your players to send you screenshots of the errors they’re getting?

ours mods :é.rar

not possible to have done the download incorrectly.

they have all :

in logs for all of them we have

its md_5 paste

If you like, PM me your server IP and I’ll give it a try.

Can you also maybe upload your entire server log instead of just the login snippet? Its pretty hard to determine if the server has extra mods from just that one line, as it only shows what the client is connecting with.

–edit-- Wait… according to that message, the client is trying to connect without having forge installed…?
This server has mods that require FML/Forge to be installed on the client

but everybody have forge and the mods installed

so this message is very very strange

I PM you Alice :slight_smile: thanks !

In your Sponge server’s config/sponge/global.conf file, is bungeecord set to true?

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yes of course

here is my global.conf

As per my comment I put on github a few hours ago, and the several requests we’ve made to people having these issues, we need more information beyond “don’t works”. Log files, configuration information?