Server Freezes 2.0

Latest version of sponge 1.12.2 (SpongeForge 2705-BETA-3481)
10-16 players online
Every 15-25 sec my server is freezes for 4-10 sec.
Sometimes there are no such freezes, sometimes they are every 10 sec.
Created a new topic because I provide a lot of new information
Its not: Nucleus, CatClearLag, TabManager, GriefPrevention, EasyScoreboards, ZeronRPG
Help me someone please, why sponge for so many years still can not become stable…

Mods (all is latest versions):




No errors in log, just this message when server is freez:
[Server thread/WARN] [net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer]: Can’t keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded? Running 2370ms behind, skipping 47 tick(s)

Okay, I deleted EasyScoreboards, but my freezes didnt stoped. New timings:

What happens if you remove UniverseGuard?

I deleted this plugin and it became easier for my server but I still have friezes and here’s one of them
This player go to nether throught nether Portal
How I can fix that? My world in nether is pregenerate, so its not world load problem

New timings (without universeguard):

I already pregenerate all world and I dont know why its here

The chunk gen is still running according to your timings - about 20 of them. Meanwhile it looks like the big consumption is entity ticking, of which there appear to be about fifteen thousand. There’s also about three thousand entity spawns per tick in there. I don’t know how large your server is, but if it’s small, then there’s something going on there.

Yea, too much mobs in my server. But I have problem with CustomMobSpawner. If u want I can show you CMS config

I don’t know anything about that mod.

I can do something with spawner in sponge?

I don’t really understand what you’re asking.

Control spawn mobs with sponge

Are you talking about natural spawns, or spawner spawns, or mod-provided spawns, or what?

Narural spawn
In sponge

Yes, you can control those. In the sponge config file, there’s various options in the spawner section.

Its good, no problem with that?

:man_shrugging: You asked if they could be configured. I pointed you to where they could be configured.

New settings just do not immediately friezes. Now I have freezes 2-3 hours after restart.
Any ideas? What to do with it?
Who dont know its Mo’Creatures/CustomMobSpawning
But I cant delete this mods.

Guys, I didnt fix this issue. I install sampler and look at the new information:
Online: 6
ITS NOT Mo’Creatures and CustomMobSpawner (coz I delete this for tests):