Server Help needed (PLEASE GERMAN PEOPLE)

Hey, I’m searching a guy who can Help me with my Server ;D I tried to do it by my self but I can’t. If someone can help me and is German too can awnser this post ;D

While im not German, I would be happy to help depending on what the “help” is. Based on your description it could be from a mod bug to something impossible with your server.

Well my description is not the best but I need help with the main Structure of Security and permmisions ^^. I have some Perms and a Spawn building BUT not Spawn secure and I don’t know how I can made it

So your wanting your spawn to be protected from damage?

No. I want that new people can interact with Blocks like an ender chest etc and that people can not destroy blocks

Not a German here, I hope you find the right support soon. :slight_smile: