Server Keeps Crashing


So, I have a Pixelmon Server with SpongeForge running and I’ve been having a few Crashing problems: I contacted Pixelmon and they told me to get into contact with you.


This should be fixed in the latest SpongeForge 1.8.9.

When you run this build, can you look for messages in your logs (probably fml-server-latest.log) that start with No entity type is registered for class, and paste them here?


After updating the Sponge to the latest for 1.8.9 the server still keeps crashing:

(I do not see ‘No entity type is registered for class’)


Actually I did see this: Sponge No entity type is registered for class com.pixelmonmod.pixelmon.entities.pokeballs.EntityOccupiedPokeball
Sponge No entity type is registered for class org.spongepowered.common.entity.EntityDummy


That’s odd. Is that crash happening consistently?


It kept happening a few times, I stopped the server and then started it, and the last time it happened I pressed the Restart button instead of Stopping and it seems to have stopped, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see for now. Thanks for the Help.