Server no longer starts with sponge added to the mods folder

I checked to make sure that I have the proper version of sponge, forge, and minecraft. There are no other mods installed at the moment, as it’s a fresh server. I’m trying to use Minecraft version 1.10.2, using the latest release for Sponge, and the forge version is 18.3.2254. Any help with this would be tremendously appreciated :slight_smile:

As a bug report, that’s largely useless. You could at least quote the version of Sponge (“latest” changes very rapidly, so it’s not very helpful). More importantly, a log of the error that made the server crash is vital in diagnosing the problem.

Of course. Just wasn’t sure what you’d need. Version is spongeforge-1.10.2-2254-5.2.0-BETA-2231 and there is no crash report created…

Who is your host, how exactly is your server setup? Maybe a screenshot of your server directory?

Host is bisect hosting, server is just set up with fml forge. Is this the screenshot your asking for?Screenshot - 8661bfb81af071d244a872926f78c8c0 - Gyazo

Where is your forge-verisonhere-universal.jar ?
I dont see a jar directory or see that jar anywhere in sight?

It’s the custom.jar. I had to rename it, otherwise forge doesn’t work with this host.

My forge version is forge-1.10.2-

that could be why, not sure if you can change the name of that file

You can’t start the server by using the forge installer. You need to run the -universal jar file.

Oh sorry I just coppied the name of the forge installer cuz I didn’t wanna track down all that info lol Just forgot to remove the installer part of the name

It works perfectly fine with the name changed, just not when I put sponge in the mod folder.

Can you provide a pastebin of whatever is in the logs/fml-server-latest.log file? That should provide some insight into the issue.

Well I may have to try and run sponge again to get some info in there regarding sponge. Give me some time and I’ll get on that.

Well that’s weird. The server started working. Maybe I removed a mod that was conflicting with sponge. I have been doing a lot of changes to my server, trying to get it ready. Thanks for the help guys! :slight_smile: