Server performance

Will Sponge use improvements provided by Spigot and Cauldron (formerly MCPC) projects?
I hope so as server owner. Spigot brought us a possibility to maintain really highloaded public servers hosted on ramdisks and fast network.

Now after all the DMCA horror the development of Cauldron stopped at all, and Spigot moved to binary patches. We can’t move our modded servers to a new version of Spigot, neither can we leave the 1.7 stuff - mods are being updated frequently.

As far as I can see, Sponge right now is built on top of Forge, which is using the vanilla minecraft server.


I’ve read somewhere, that they where planing to implement cauldrons performance into forge. But correct me if I am wrong.

@blood could confirm this.

But I wouldn’t worry to much about it. Probably their will come other forge distro’s. Or they will just strip bukkit from cauldron, and release that as “performance forge”.

Hmm, nice.
Hope they will have luck with that.

I suppose, it will require 2-3 months before the first sponge builds will come up? Or less?

Yep there are plans to bring across Cauldron’s improvements into Sponge. By the looks of things we should have a first release of Sponge in a month or so


And as far I understood this, Sponge (at this moment) fully relies on Forge, so there won’t be any Sponge builds for 1.8 until Forge comes there, right?

Forge 1.8 has been around for a while

oh, didn’t see it. thanks.
P.s. can you help me a bit off-topic?
I was away from minecraft mod dev for more than 3 years.
What should I do now to start a mod? mcp? forge?
Can we still use BeardedOctoNemesis (GitHub - immibis/bearded-octo-nemesis: Now 99.9% fat free!) to deobfuscate closed-sourced mods to develop and run addons in deobfuscated (mcp) environment?
Point a link or so. Thank you!

I tested Bearded Octo Nemisis lately and It didn’t go too well. Also, your to-go place for modding would be forge. Setting up your workspace has become a lot easier tho :stuck_out_tongue: But enough off-topic.

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hope BON will work for me, again. it was so nice to test IC2 addons right from MCP environment/

I’m going to make the suggestion here that Sponge developers put their heads together with the author of Fastcraft and see what can be done to incorporate Fastcraft optimizations. Fastcraft does not work on a Cauldron server, but on a vanilla/Forge server and on the Minecraft client, it offers some quite dramatic performance gains by replacing code that, frankly, Mojang implemented in stupid ways.

So far I know current mods are not obfuscated, because forge remaps the minecraft server to “net.minecraft”. Last time I used jd-gui on IC2 (1.7.10), I didn’t have to use bon at all :smile:.

That musta been a deobfuscated dev version, cause MC is obfuscated well and good when I try to decompile it xD

Awkward, I rechecked it, And is still working thought :smile:. I can’t screen-shot it of IC2 will probably sue me =/.

maybe you are using dev version? it’s not obfuscated.
update: sorry, didn’t see a comment of TBotV63.