Server RAM leaks. HELP!


Hello, my server on last SpongeForge have a ram leak.

The server usually uses this amount of memory already at startup. This is very strange, but thanks to Spark, we managed to find out that it loads various world structures in memory that contain a huge amount of NBT and Strings.

The world was fully generated (5k x 5k blocks), then problems began with a lack of memory. Did someone decide that?


A mod or plugin is almost certainly responsible.
What mods and plugins are you using? What version of SpongeForge/Forge/Java?
Some details of the Spark profile would also be helpful.



I suggest trying it without FAWE to start with. I also wonder how much NoLagg is really doing.
You didn’t state the versions of Forge, Java and SpongeForge (“latest” is a moving target).


Might be related:


Thanks for help!


NoLagg, it’s my simple plugin with one scheduler.