Server Shops v1.1.0 - Simple and lightweight server shops


when i try to use they buyshop command. It says this in chat : org.spongepowered.api.util.blockray.BlockRay$BlockRayBuilder.blockLimit(I)Lorg/spongepowered/api/util/blockray/BlockRay$BlockRayBuilder;


I am getting the same error.


how about the currency, does it require a currency mod to run? and surpport multi currency or not?


Fox can add new feature edit message.


Hi, i see the plugin have errors when use the command!

I create a fixed release temporaly while Nentify fix it!

(I made a pull request)


running into a problem…
as i created this shop in spawn, can`t seem to find a way to allow users to acces the sign in the shop…
… spawn protection prevents r-clicking

any of you beautiful ppl have a solution?


I get when preforming /buyshop 1 1 with a dirt block in my hand

This is the detailed report ingame

Plz help :slight_smile:


good plugins. Thank you


I recommend using CarrotShop over this plugin - It’s still being maintained and has many more features


Will you update to 1.12.2?


Is there a way to make the shop infinite?