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I’m running Sponge build sponge-1.8-1371-2.1DEV-437. My issue is that I run multicraft through DemonVPS and the server runs fine, but multifcraft shows me as offline. I’m not sure if this is an issue with forge or multicraft as DemonVPS does not offer support on custom JAR’s. Just a simple thing I wanted to throw out for devs to fix at their earliest convienience because I can’t post my server without it saying I’m offline.

Could you describe how you set up the server?

It’s an issue with the [parse_log]'s start regex being incorrect, in your daemon jar config. If that’s not correct, Multicraft will not detect that your server has started.

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I would file a ticket with your host asking if they can create a sponge .jar.conf file that allows the setting of a custom jar.


@Tzk I created a forge server locally then uploaded files through FileZilla. Then I had to create a support ticket for them to set the forge jar as the default one. I then uploaded sponge to the /mods folder and viola.

@connor_peet Alright is this a file I can download and edit locally to fix or is this something I need to wait on? (Sorry I’m not well read into these types of things :expressionless: )

@RobodudeMC I’m afraid they won’t provide any help with custom JAR’s besides initially comfiguring it to run from the JAR. I’m limited to what I (e.g. what I’m told to do here) can do locally and then upload to the server.

This is something your hosting provider has to configure on the daemon-side. If they’re unwilling to, you’re out of luck unfortunately :confused:

Or, you could make a plugin that emits the default “Server Started” message to the console, which would trigger Multicraft to think your server is online.

I would be open to trying this but I only have a fair understanding of C++ and I have never developed a plugin before. I will put in a support ticket and hope for the best I suppose. Thanks for the help and I’ll keep up in case anyone comes up with a solution. I’ll also let everyone know if they fix it.

Tanner Britt || Client
I’m running a custom JAR (e.g. Forge with SpongePowered) and there is an issue with what I’m told is an issue in my “[parse_log]'s start regex, in your daemon jar config”. This causes multicraft to say my server is offline and therefor anyone seeing my server listed on a website will see it as being offline. The server is up and running and anyone can connect but I was told it is something that could only be fixed on your side unless a plugin is developed to alter the server start message to console.

Support ticket opened anything else I should add?

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I had a similar issue with a customized server jar. For this host all I had to do was rename the server jar file to ‘custom.jar’ and then it showed as online.

That actually may be my problem I will check when I get home. Thanks for the reply later.

That depends on how the host has their Multicraft setup. @xSloth, you might go in a “side channel” and just ask if there’s any recommended jar name for running modpacks.

Also I found another issue with multicraft:

Connected players
[17:00:07] [Server thread/INFO]: NinjaTurtle23 Kick
[17:12:00] [Server thread/INFO]: CORPORAL_DURAMAX Kick
[17:15:26] [Server thread/INFO]: SNIP_ScRuFfz Kick
[17:41:16] [Server thread/INFO]: CORPORAL_DURAMAX Kick
[17:33:09] [Server thread/INFO]: NinjaTurtle23 Kick
[16:50:50] [Server thread/INFO]: NinjaTurtle23 Kick
[13:40:43] [Server thread/INFO]: zxINIQUITYxz Kick
[17:11:48] [Server thread/INFO]: SNIP_ScRuFfz Kick
[12:25:27] [Server thread/INFO]: NinjaTurtle23 Kick
[17:16:57] [Server thread/INFO]: zxINIQUITYxz Kick
[16:15:08] [Server thread/INFO]: CORPORAL_DURAMAX Kick
[16:04:41] [Server thread/INFO]: CORPORAL_DURAMAX Kick
[17:18:44] [Server thread/INFO]: NinjaTurtle23 Kick
[18:07:26] [Server thread/INFO]: CORPORAL_DURAMAX Kick

This is when no one is actually online but had played the day before. Is it possible we can get into contact with the developers of Multicraft and have them rework to officially support a sponge server?
@connor_peet @Dad_Yoshi Also recommended .jar name for mine is custom.jar. Thanks for the help on that guys!