Server start up crashing at Sponge.jar


I am attempting to add Sponge on my Forge based server.

When I am starting the server, I am receiving the following errors:

Thanks in advance.


Update the Phosphor mod.
See this issue:


simon816 - Thank you. It appears to be working as intended now. Just out of curiosity, how did you know that specific mod was the issue? I am asking so I can enhance my troubleshooting, and in the event I need to submit a ticket, I can provide additional information where needed.




If you take a look at line 717 in that paste,

You’ll notice that it references the phosphor mixin ref.
It also mentions that in a few other places in the exceptions.

While this does not always mean that phosphor is at fault, it is a starting point, and by then removing that is easy to test if that was a conflicting mod.

In this case, if I recall, phosphor tries to do some similar optimizations to what sponge does, hence the collision.

Also, the phosphor incompatibility is well known by some people, as it’s happened a lot lately, so it’s one of the first things we check to see if is installed.