Server stops few sec after joining


I installed a new server added sponge. Joined the game for first time. It worked.
But now after the second join always the server stopps immediately afeter joining.

here is my crash file?

Do u have an idea? May u can help me, i would be very grateful


i am sorry but ich not able to put my pastebin link it says: Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.

i would try this way:

@gabizou, looks like it’s related to your data changes

Can you update to build #1730 and see if there’s still problems?

Ok, how to update?

Install completly new?

Sorry i am new here with installing server :wink:

i will try with a new installation.

i will report what happens :>

Just download the new version from spongeforge

Especially if you’re using the bleeding edge 1.10 builds you should be updating regularly

i tried with #1730 now it works! Thanks for your help!

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