Server Tick and Ms Runtime Issues


Hello all, I recently established a VPS server hosting a Spongeforge server and installed all my necessary mods and plugins/ores but upon joining and looking at the server console, my ms time is super delayed and I get ~500+ms in-game which is way not normal for my multiplayer experience. Normally I can run fine in multiplayer games but something is causing server side to have this super delayed latency issue. I have used Aikar’s optimized startup flags but have not seen any improvement on either end.

Can’t keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded? Running 24043ms behind, skipping 480 tick(s)


What are the VPS specs?
Can you get either the debug.log or a list of mods/plugins and their versions?


All my mods available are in my modpack, latest version and I am using these plugins. I’ll provide the VPS specs later, I can’t get them right now as it is my friends VPS.