A plugin that offers some essential commands, event handlers and much more. Handle motd, friends, spawns, etc. I may even make it usable as an API if necessary or requested.


If you have any suggestions or questions, please leave a comment. I will be updating this periodically.

But what does it do? ServerControl/ at master · MrSparkzz/ServerControl · GitHub doesnt seem to be an essential function.

That was just test code. I haven’t committed anything yet. I’ve had school and work.

This is the link to the version I had for Bukkit - ServerControl for Bukkit

I’m just starting over from scratch. This is the section for WIP plugins right? This is a WIP.

EDIT: Oh god, it’s the double-post annihilator :open_mouth:

Oh, that makes more sense, thanks. I was confused at the fact that there wasnt a plugin description.

And yes, i am Necrodoom.