Setting new directory for plugins?

So I run a FTB Continuum server and am wanting to install Sponge and its plugins (several so far). My host’s documentation is garbage (to put it nicely) on how to do it. So far, all I’ve got is to install spongeforge into the mods folder. But, I need a seperate directory for the plugins for backup purposes and to make it easier to differentiate mods from plugins. Is it possible and if so, how?

You can simply make a folder within the mods folder called plugins and Sponge should automatically look there. Otherwise you can just put them in the mod folder.

~ Alice


Awesome. That’s MUCH simpler than the few things I had read. Saw something about editing the Spongeforge files config so this is good news. Thank you.

You can in fact edit global.conf to change what this folder is, in sponge.general.plugins-dir.