Setting up in Visual Studio Code

Is there anyway that or documentations going forward that would help individuals set up gradle and Maven and SpongeAPI in a Visual Studio Code env?

One of the great things about Maven and Gradle is if your IDE has support for it. They are pretty much the same after you setup the project.

The problem is, the if your IDE has support and setting up the project.

So a very quick search for Gradle or Maven suppport on Visual Studio Code and you require 2 plugins. One for Java itself, the other is a Maven plugin.

After that just setup the project as a Maven project and then copy the Maven code from the SpongeDocs and then import the changes. Done

I use this extension which is enough to get up and running. There are also separate plugins for language support for Maven or Gradle, but they aren’t needed for build system functionality or project structure recognition and only affect your experience editing the build files themselves.

That said, I would highly recommend you do not use VS Code for plugin making. Even with all the fancy plugins, it’s very simplistic and stripped-down functionality, which breaks half the time. You would have a far better experience with IntelliJ IDEA.

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Thanks I’ll do that instead.