Should i use VPS with 2 or more cores?


Hey guys.
I want to make a Pixelmon server using SpongePowered, is Sponge multi-thread?
It’s better to get a dual core VPS, 1 for Linux, 1 for Pixelmon (3-3.5GHz) or more cores?


Minecraft runs primarily on the main core, there are some parts of minecraft that run on a second core.
Sponge links itself directly into minecraft itself and does have the ‘cause’ system that needs to run on the main core.

I would recommend more single core performace over more cores if you are only running sponge and you have a duel core machine.

The issue is the other mods your running. I have never used pixelmon, nor will I. Im guessing your wanting to run more then just pixelmon on your server so I would check what they recommend too.