Shout IRC web client

I just found this amazing piece of software and I though I’d share it with my fellow IRC users:

It’s called Shout.

Essentially, it’s a web IRC client built on Node.js. What’s interesting about it though is that when you run it in private mode, it turns into a kind of IRC bouncer paired with an online client. And did I mention it’s responsive and works well on mobile? :iphone:

You can check it out at


Fixed grammatical errors in title.

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Wait is this just an IRC bouncer? I can’t see any screenshots of an online client.

It appears to be a bouncer/client in one

Cool. Still, I prefer pidgin for my IRC so this doesn’t work for me.

On second thoughts, screw pidgin.

Does this make irc connections to the irc server on the server it’s installed or the computer I connect to my site with?

EDIT: your ssl/tsl option doesn’t work, you have to make self signed work, not many irc networks use sign certs for irc.

This is awesome, thanks :smiley:

// EDIT: looks as if it doesn’t like the free gears though :frowning:

Works for me.

Yeah, I got it working too :smiley:

I can’t connect to any IRC server that uses SSL with a self-signed certificate on the demo site. I do however like this idea and do plan to install this on my VPS once I can connect to servers using self-signed certificates.

EDIT: I just saw that this is something you found, testing showed that public mode seems to break self signed certs for some reason.

I’m pretty sure the demo is locked to only connect to their custom irc server. using my own instance and i love it.


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