It is idea!!! You can do it, you can’t.
Plugin - Minigame
Title: ShulkerWars
It’s the usual, but you have to protect shelker.
But here a different principle of obtaining resources Around the generators, the stone or aniston. Random stone is highlighted by particulae, is replaced by the desired ore(the ore will be done using a texture pack such as bronze ore, ore endstone, in diorite, the andesite, gravie in other similar blocks).
There should also be a menu of pumping in which you can pump the silker (additional hearts and add the ability to attack enemies), buy traps(as on hypixel), pump the rate of replacement of ores and the chance of spawn more valuable(on the basis of the type, too, the generator is) Sellers will be Ender MENA.
Shop mechanics as in bed wars rel
All battles take place in the end for atmospherics