Sitting on stairs

In bukkit there is a plugin which you can sit on stairs and its awesome , I wonder if anyone can make one for sponge?

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That’s a job for a mod

not necessarily; people were crafty approaching stuff like this. in most cases i saw people spawn arrows inside stairs and mount the player on them to make it look like the player was sitting on the stairs. you can do the same in sponge; its not necessary to use a mod for it (but it is necessary if you want it to be as clean as possible).

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That’s the thing; it’s messy to do the arrow spawning and you can’t have the “sitting” position.

in hindsight, it gets the job done. the objective is to make the player look like they’re sitting on the stairs; by default mounting a player on another entity makes them “sit” on it. bukkit plugins were able to do it; i have no doubt sponge plugins can do it too. glitches’ll be glitches, but that’s why we make work arounds.

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I still think it’d be a nether of a lot better to use a mod.

it is in all cases, but we’re limited when we try to do things like this for vanilla munecrafts. ( ;=; )

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Why would this require a mod? Especially in 1.8, with invisible entities and armor stands.


^ (apparently post can’t just be a quote. here’s a caret, discourse.)

EDIT: also, a lot of us don’t have the patience to deal with giant strings of commands inside command blocks under spawn =3=

Plugin negate the need for command blocks.


its another way of doing it without any form of mod whatsoever.