SlotMachines - Configurable Slot Machines for Sponge!

Do you get any errors? It works fine for me.

That’s a good idea, I’ll add it when I get time.

It’ll say out of money if the machine is unable to give the maximum possible payout. Eg, if you have a possible win that is 1366x the amount (Max default payout), it’ll require that much money to work. On a diamond machine that also gets multiplied by the tier multiplier. And also that gets multiplied by the money to play as well.

That sounds like an issue with your permission plugin if it takes a restart in order to apply changes.

A new version has been released for SlotMachines, it is available for download here.

SlotMachines for Sponge

  • Added support for the Sponge reload command

Could you provide a bit more documentation for the config file. I seem to be having trouble getting it to respect the items I’m attempting to put in for the slot reel. I’m also confused by the multiple types of content versions. Here’s a link to what my config file looks like now. I didn’t see any of the revised items show up, including the default melon blocks I used.

You’ve referred to the melon_block as pixelmon:melon_block, which I think is partially the issue.

The content versions are something from Minecraft. They’re not added by SlotMachines. I believe they should just be kept as-is.

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Thank you so very much. I swear I looked at that like 5x over thinking it was the content versions and completely missed that.

Hello, me again. I’ve been doing some testing to try to get the numbers where I want so far as payouts. However, I’ve been having some problems with the reels. Is there an internal cap to how many you can have running? It seems like the high tier reel shows up way too frequently given that it’s supposedly 1/37 reels.

In the one you posted there are only 11 items in the list. Have you added more since? One thing to make sure is that all the items are valid. One way to check that I guess is to see if it never shows up in a reel, or just checking with the give command ingame.

There’s no internal cap for the number of items.

I’m fairly sure all my things are valid. They all show up, it just seems that the Master Ball shows up way too frequently for how rare it is supposed to be. Here is the configuration I’m currently using.

Ah, the count currently doesn’t have an effect in the items list. That’s a good idea though, I’ll add it to my todo list.

So I need to make multiple entries of the same item to make multiple copies of a reel then?

At this stage yes. When I get time I’ll add support for count.

Would it be possible to add a GUI to the plugin, it will have the items moving like in an actual slot machine.

That’s kind of out of the scope of this plugin sorry. It’s meant to be a physical construction rather than a GUI.

Sorry to bump an old thread, but is it possible for the machine to somehow take keys (given when voting) instead of money?

I would really enjoy seeing other forms of rewards for factors (mostly just being able to tie commands to factors) and also the ability to have the server broadcast a message when someone got certain factors. This plugin is awesome thank you!

Also not sure if this is a bug but I tried changing the ID’s from Minecraft items to Pixelmon items and it just changed the items back upon reloading the config.

I know with time I can leave but can someone send me there config file so I can see exactly how it’s done for this mod and learn as I go?

Love the idea/concept. Works smooth as butter still! There is one thing that I am having an issue with though. Is it not possible to change the items that can appear on the slot machine? After I edit the entire conf, it keeps the factored items there, but reverts to the default on the “what can appear on the slots.” ( I am using non-vanilla items)