Smart people

I been noticing that MC community around the world is for super smart people, or those who born knowing it everything.

Each time I ask a question related to MC mods or ModPacks in MC support chat rooms, people either don’t mind me at all, get mad at me, or humiliate me about how “dumb” I am for not knowing those things.

I know most of forums have the answers but the thing is that I am too new that I don’t even know the questions.

Which concludes in - MC Community around the world does not like me to be part of it for being new or dumb, maybe.

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I’m not sure what the topic is about. Did I miss a question…?

Is just my feeling, I am not picking on anyone, just wanted to share my feelings.

Well, I’m sorry you feel that way.

When it pertains to Sponge, try looking around at pinned topics before asking questions. Most frustration occurs from repeated questions where the answers are easily locate-able.

For IRC, 95% of people have it set so they only get alerted when someone says their name.

It’d be fair to say 99%. I didn’t even know you could set it to ping you on each message.

Depends on the client, but it’s not a thing commonly done.

You’ll always get those people. All around the world. Gotta ignore it. It’s just so they get the feeling they’re something better than you ;). I’m sure there are things you know that they don’t have a clue about :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Sorry 'bout the double post.

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I tried to ask in some MC helping chatrooms about how to add a Mods Pack to their list, or, what to do once I finally made it to zip my pack, cause I don’t know anything else, but they go all cocky and/or mean, or like I said before, don’t even mind me, like “Go search yourself!”.

That’s because humans tend to put themselves on a higher plane when they have some sort of knowledge or skill or something that sets them above others. Ever heard of “ego” cough Kanye cough? Yeah, that thing. It seems to thrive in the computing world, and Minecraft especially in the modding community is no exception.

Ever been onto StackOverflow? You will get gunned down super hard, super fast if your question is not absolutely perfect, because “If you just read the Java documentation you would see everything you need to know about Abstraction”, despite the fact that in your question you said you were asking because you didn’t understand what the **** the documentation is saying.

*Not saying anything is wrong with Java documentation, just an example.

Man that felt good to vent.

Edit: Also, I feel like the MC modding community can be described as a bunch of adults making cool things, whilst script kiddies take cool things and think they’re cooler because they are using it. I can try to make a graphic model later (homework is a *****) if I have time/someone wants to see it for the lols.


I’m sorry the you feel this way. Before you ask a question, try searching it up on Google.

Ever been onto StackOverflow? You will get gunned down super hard

lol wat? stack overflow is nice, but you cant except help from anyone if you dont even try to read and understand documentation. stackoverflow is NOT a place where you ask a question and someone gives you a code or fix your code…

Please don’t go discussing about stuff, we should let others to talk and express their feelings. :blush:

I’ve seen people on StackOverflow being extremely harsh on newcomers.

Back to the subject at hand, @SCaydi, there are several things you can try to do about that:

  • Don’t try to change humanity. It’s useless and time-consuming.
  • Don’t turn to forums and chats whenever you have a problem with something or a doubt. You should try to search about the subject.
  • Learn to search. Learn to refine your search parameters based on the results you’re getting at that moment. This is usually called Googling Skills and is more important than most people are willing to admit.
  • Be part of a community. My example: I don’t know Java at all, I don’t know much of Forge mods or advanced servers, but I’ve accompanied this project for more than 5 months now. By reading everything that is posted and actively being part of the discussions, I’ve learned a few things.
  • You could also try to read SpongeDocs. I’ve been translating them to Portuguese and I must admit that reading them as been super-important to learn new things about Minecraft in general.

I hope this helps you. I also invite other members to contribute with suggestions.


… sponge.
/sponge/ in general, since that’s what its trying to explain. do note that s/he was talking about minecraft and modding in general, as an end-user/developer with a question.
sorry that small bit just annoyed me a bit

but yeah, welcome to the internet. lots of people’re gonna be that way like they can be in real life and its gonna get real god damn annoying, especially for those who really do need help. i won’t lie, i’ve reacted rather hostile to newcomer questions myself before; thinking about it now it feels like i just shot a helpless soul down in its time of need.

those tips @Dannyps gave really are things you should try, alongside learning to ignore those negativities in the community. a lot of us here would like to help you if you asked, but do note that criticism, which sometimes passes off as some form of mean or demeaning, doesn’t always mean they’re insulting you. some people respond that way with good intentions, including me. being social is part of collaboration.

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Welcome to the Internet…

Not trying to be a meanie but I hate when people says that, it is like: ‘Get used to be bullied and do nothing about it’

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My experience:

  • most of the content you publish on the internet will be ignored - to improve this, post a comment when you find a nice project or post :slight_smile:
  • There is a gap between younger and older community members - A common word that indicates the problem is “mean” :frowning:
  • If you have a problem, ask - this will help people who experience the same problem :wink:

^ that… It kills me…


But what are you to do? Let’s face it, people are scumbags. The internet allows them to sink even lower than they normally would if you interacted with them face to face.
You have the choice to fight against it (as you seem to be trying to do) but everyone else has the choice to ignore your efforts and treat you poorly regardless.