⛄ NPCs [v3.0.0] - Easiest and Best NPC plugin

2 things:

1: If you set up the NPCs to look a certain direction and you leave the area and come back, all the NPCs are looking to the south and not holding the direction you faced them in with the /npc look command. And yes I turned off look before leaving the area.

2: Due to player collision being a thing on 1.9+ players are able to push the NPCs around. I have this temporarily fixed by placing barrier blocks on the back and sides of each NPC.

Any work arounds for these two issues?

Hello everyone. Its been a while since ive even touched plugins. Ive been so buzy with life and stuff. But im just getting back into it.

I just released a totally new version which ive been working on on and off for months now, v3.0.0. Its far from perfect and i expect some errors to pop up, but it should also fix a lot of the currently existing errors.


Nice to know that you are back in the game :smiley:

Is it possible to fix the 1.12.2 bug of this mod not working?

@anon34495435 How do we add that to our .jar files of this plugin, if you could help me out in private message instead of spamming this thread that would be awesome! Thanks.

Hello, author. I come from China. I like spongy ends and I like this plugin. I think he has many functions that CustomNPCmod does not have. So he’s very useful. I hope he can meet with Chinese friends and make more people convenient. Can I reprint it to www.mcbbs.net? I will note the original author and the address of the original post in the post.:blush:

Can you maybe fix the problem it has with newer sponge versions? Its not getting loaded as you can see here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u9mqmlzbc9ww3jm/debug.log?dl=0

He has not been active here since march 14th

I know admins from sponge told me to message it here… well I knew it will be useless.

this doesnt work!!!

this plugin is awesome, it matches exactly with my need but I do not know how to use it has it full potential.
Is there any documentation?

Can’t help with documentation, But are you using API 7? if so i’d like to know how you got it to work!

yes, I’m using the api 7 with the build 59 of SpongeVanilla. I use the plugin with my own dialog plugin . I m trying differents functionalities, I will post issues if I found bugs or improvements.

I do not do anything particularly to install this plugin, I have drag and drop it in on my server mods/ folder. I haven’t encountered any difficulties.

Ah, sponge vanilla…

Using SpongeForge the mod is unfortunately broken, it appears to be unsupported as well :frowning:

Hello, is this compatible with 1.12.2?


Only vanilla. Forge has a CustomNPC.

I want to know how to make entity outline shine…:stuck_out_tongue:

NPC"s disappear after server restart. Any ideas what causes this?

This is broken on 1.12.2 now?