⛄ NPCs [v3.0.0] - Easiest and Best NPC plugin


well if you use nucleus(one of the latest versions), you can put commands in kits so you could have the npc run a nucleus kit which runs multiple commands.


Not everyone uses Nucleus.


You can also use aliases, command kits, and a lot of other plugins which bundle commands together. (Or nucleus and disable all other modules but kits)

There’s no urgent need for this plugin to allow for multiple commands to be run, since other plugins already handle that; but like you said, would be nice. Hopefully one of these plugins meets your current needs.


Yes it’s fine, I suppose I am just conflicted at the philosophical problem of a plugin having to rely on another plugin to complete a simple task.


Lot of plugins don’t have the option to run groups of commands, such as vote plugins, some simple command signs, etc.

A plugin that bundles commands together is almost essential to any server so most people won’t run into this problem.
Personally use these plugins to group commands together so I can make some “custom commands”, together with aliases and command kits I can make a command such as “/nightvision” which gives the player nightvision for 15 or so minutes.


A command sign plugin that does not support multiple commands would probably not be used by the community. They usually support multiple commands. I see this NPC plugin as a command sign plugin at heart. That’s why I think it would be a good addition.


@zachincool @tridaak @Nyox

I am working on the following stuff atm:

Command Sets: run all at once or with a setable delay in between each
Conditions: Run a certain list of actions, and then when the conditions are met, run a different list of actions.


Could you also make it so that when the NPC runs a command as the console, it runs it as the NPC. (Meaning it runs it with the NPC’s name, instead of Server).

So, if I have an NPC that runs the command: kill (player), instead of telling the player “You’ve been killed by Server”, it says “You’ve been killed by NPC name here”

Not too sure how this would be implemented, but do know WebAPI allows players to change the name of who’s running a command. So would be something similar to that.


Is it possible to add some sort of cool down function for using npc’s? Would be useful to prevent spamming on npc commands. I know the kits have this, but kits have their limits and being able to have cool downs on npc would be useful.


I’m about to download this plugin for use on our server. It looks very interesting.
We do have some questions though:

  • As @Prof_Birch asked before, will there be a configurable cooldown to interaction per player.
  • Multiple commands being able to be run? Not only at once, but with delays?

Planned Features?

  • Quests?
  • Choices such as Yes/No - leading to a command if yes, and another command if no.
  • Economy? If player has x money - withdraw x money and run command.

Thank you very much for your time.


I am making more options for NPC actions at this moment. It will at least include:

  • Multiple commands at once
  • Delays
  • Conditions (has e.g. an item or exp)
  • Economy integration

The thing about yes/no is a good idea btw, i hadnt thought of that yet.

EDIT: You banned me from your pixelmon server once btw :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT2: Ill make the yes/no thing with clickable texts.


Yes, that’s the best choice to do it, perfect solution \o/


@Mr_Daniel12321 Oh we all remember you. lol. Thanks for your response. Looking forward to future development.


for some reason the npc skins get removed after awhile and they become steves. not sure if this has anything to do with having a different name then their skin or what.


Noticed this to. However If you warp away and warp back it seems like they load fine again. I believe it is not the actual plugins fault but some interaction with whatever is calling the skin to NPC and the skin data on your server. Maybe there is a way to debug so we can help out!


I do think that this is because of sponge, but in the version that i am making right now, this should no longer be a problem.


I believe there should also be an option to cancel-event with “no” if you dont want a command to be executed. (meaning it’d cancel the interaction alltogether and they’d have to restart the interaction

it would also be very beneficial if npcs could be stationary upon creation. meaning they can’t be moved or pushed around. having barrier blocks all around them is kind of a pain in the butt.

having armor stands as a selectable npc would also be great with the ability to turn them invisible (mainly b/c with an invisible armor stand we could easily make clickable holograms, clickable statues (pixelmon) etc.


I love the idea if invisible armour stands. I hope this is something we can see implemented. +1

On the topic of yes/no, i figured leaving an option with no command configured, should cancel the event if that option is chosen.

We’ve also had all of our NPCs disappear. Not sure if despawned, needs further testing to reproduce.


When I stop the server and start it back up the NPCs disappear.


Any errors in console?