Solution for Sponge Crashing With New Builds

I have a solution of fixing the crashes with the new Sponge Builds. Correct me if i’m wrong but the new Data API came out. Which is causing any plugins you have to crash that is using the old Data API. There is ways to fix this.

  1. Ask the developer of the plugin to upgrade the plugin.
  2. Use builds 554 and lower because those are the build using the old Data API
  3. Make sure you are using forge version 1499

I’ve tested the builds and it seems that builds 555 and higher crash for me so i’m assuming those are the build with the new Data API implemented.

Also note when the developer updates the plugin, it may crash for the old versions.

Links to Sponge builds:

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Forge 1449 or 1499?

Note that there were some faulty builds around 530 to 540 too as new features were tested/included.

Im using forge 1449 and it works perfectly fine. But i put a typo. 1499 works also

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First, @Tzk and @Txk: Your names are confusing af.

Secondly, The best solution is to wait for new builds which fix the problem. :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh. Don’t look at me, been here a bit longer :stuck_out_tongue:
At least he’s still got the default profile pic which makes it at least a bit less confusing…

And yes, i’ll wait for devs to update to Data2.0 before trying to setup a testserver again.

Isnt that whats causing the crashes? Data2.0? So it must be out already. Because i did some research and i found out that the reasons for the crashing with the new versions is because of plugins being outdated and not being updated to Data2.0. So it must be out for 555 and above.

Yes. gabizou merged it yesterday and blood introduced bungeecord too.
These two changes caused a lot of new builds.

So why would you wait?

Wait for a new try with a testserver? I assume that most plugins are broken as of now anyways.

I’m currently running the plugins on the clientside anyways.