[Solved] ChangeBlockEvent.Place Doesn't Detect Block Changes Caused By Pluggin

So I’m trying to track block changes, specifically when blocks are placed, so I can later undo them. I have an executioner that creates blocks in a specified location, but those block changes are not being detected by my listener. Am I missing something or do I have the wrong listener?

public void onBlockAlteration(ChangeBlockEvent.Place event) {



There are currently issues with how plugin-created block changes are tracked. Can you open an issue on SpongeCommon?

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Done. I posted the issue under the SpongeAPI

Do you know if there has been any progress on this? A link to your issue would be appreciated.

I cannot continue with one of my plugins until this is resolved or a workaround is available.

I found the issue on Github. Seems no progress has been made on fixing this :confused:

Yeah, I wish this could have be worked on, but I’m certain the Sponge team is has already seen my bug report and they’re working as fast as they can to fix these kinds of bugs.