[SOLVED] Chests disappeared

On restarting my client server I found that all the chests had disappeared … first time ever. What could be the cause?

Did you change the version or anything?

Do you have logs from before/after?

I didn’ t change versions or anything. On restarting the server the chests were there again, but here is the crash report nevertheless

Can you please use a pasting service like http://pastebin.com instead of pasting directly? It causes unnecessary thread clutter when you paste directly onto the forums. Thanks!

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Yes, of course. Sorry I didn’t know.


Cool! if you don’t mind editing your post right now, & moving the pasted crash log to pastebin, & putting the pastebin link in your post, that would be great.

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Pastebin link?

I posted it before but here it is again - don’t know where it went …


Update Sponge to the latest build (currently 525)
Update Forge to match the version sponge was built against (currently 1487)

If it still crashes, post the new crash and the entire fml-client-latest.log (pastebin or similar, of course)

Thanks for that. 1 Question though: is craftbook 4 compatible with your suggestion?

I do not know, however I suggest you try it and see what happens. Make sure to get the latest version of craftbook 4 too.

I did just that and it works as it should