[Solved] Class Not Found Exception?

Hey, I’m using the newest Gradle build of Sponge and the most recent download on the Sponge downloads site. When I updated the Sponge dependency in my plugin, the PlayerBreakBlockEvent was no longer recognized. I browsed through the recent GitHub commits in the SpongeAPI, and found that the PlayerBreakBlockEvent and PlayerPlaceBlockEvent were replaced by ChangeBlockEvent.(ChangeTypeHere). When I try to start my plugin, I immediately get a null pointer exception for this new event:

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.spongepowered.api.event.block.ChangeBlockEvent$Break

I’m guessing the events were replaced by this new ChangeBlockEvent, but it hasn’t been implemented yet, giving the null pointer exception? Please confirm this or tell me where I’m mistaken. I can post the whole stack trace if necessary as well. Thanks! :smiley:

Make sure you have everything updated. Your API dep should be 2.1-SNAPSHOT.
Remember, the SpongeForge downloads have moved to spongeforge

My issue was that I didn’t know the downloads page moved! Thanks!