[Solved] "ClassNotFoundException" & "NoClassDefFoundError" after rename a plugin

Hi everyone,

I’m using Sponge Forge with few plugins in module of the project. I have this issue
: https://thepasteb.in/p/Y6hkl91D5Jrf7.
it appear after I wanted to change my plugin “DataManager” to “PlayerManager”, this plugin is for manage the player stats and is used by 2 of my plugins but after I changed the name, these error appears… I tried to recreate the plugins, recreate the project, rename to the old name but same issue… I know its about the classpath or something like that, but I don’t know how to fix really with sponge. I also check the dependency of the plugins who use my PlayerManager : Imgur: The magic of the Internet .

If anyone have an idea, it will be great ! Thank’s :slight_smile:

Issue solved !
Need to add @Dependency annotation like :
@Plugin(id = Resource.ID, name = Resource.NAME,
description = Resource.DESCRIPTION, version = Resource.VERSION, dependencies = @Dependency(id=“PluginId”, version=“1.0”))