[Solved] CommandSpec Alias Visibility Issue

So I have the CommandSpec below. The issue with it though is that when I call “dz”, I only receive the children with one alias. I don’t get all of the children. Is there a way to address this so the rest of the children appear? Thanks!

		CommandSpec dreadZoneCmd = CommandSpec.builder()
			.description(Text.of("Dread Zone."))
			.child(readyCmd, "ready")
			.child(leaveArenaCmd, "leave")
			.child(reloadCmd, "reload")
			.child(joinCmd, "join")
			.child(addLightiningRodCmd, "addLightningRod","alr")
			.child(addClassNPCCmd, "addClassNPC","acnpc")
			.child(addClassCmd, "addClass","ac")
			.child(addClassItemCmd, "addClass","aci")
			.child(addArenaModeCmd, "addArenaMode","aam")
			.child(addMobCrateCmd, "addMobCrate","amc")
			.child(addArenaSpawnsCmd, "addArenaSpawns","aas")

    game.getCommandManager().register(this, dreadZoneCmd,"dz");

Side note: Does anyone know of an API or way to present the commands to the user like the image below?

Not exactly sure why your child commands aren’t registering, but for your side note, you can use the Pagination API: The Pagination Service — Sponge 7.2.0 documentation

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Thanks! I was able to create my own command menu, thus finding the solution to my original problem irrelevant. :smiley: :+1:

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