[Solved] MinigamesAPI

Are there any plans of having an easy way to write minigames plugins with a built in API to Sponge ?
In Bukkit there were never a built in API for creating for example arenas, teams and such.
Will Sponge add that or will someone else write an API on his own ?

I don’t think we’ll have a full-blown ‘Minigames’ API, but the Scoreboard API should cover teams, points, objectives, etc.

What you demand is more of a Minigame Framework.
I think this should be covered by a plugin and not sponge itself.

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I agree. Maybe when I will help find issues in docs this will be the plugin I will follow the docs to make

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Any feedback on the quality and correctness of the docs is appriciated! :slight_smile:

The scoreboard API helps only with the Scoreboard itself. However i mean to have access to the Team itself to set their spawn and such

I really mean an API but why do you mean it should be covered by the plugin?
It is extra work for every Plugin and if sponge would contain it already it could save ressoureces instead of having all minigames plugins having the same code (and its really hard for me to write such minigame :smiley: ).

You’re mistaken. Take the time to look at the link I posted.

It covers Team, Objective as well as Scoreboard. As far as setting the spawn goes, it doesn’t have that specific method, but you could easily grab the players from the Team object and do it yourself.

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Nice i See it right now. I See also an Option to make a spectator Team that is useful! Thanks.

I meant a plugin that is infact a library (just like the pagination library for paginated lists).
This way other plugins can make use of it and code duplication is minimized.

note: pagination library was integrated into sponge directly, the external plugin/library is now obsolete.

I can see being able to develop a minigame API, though its not really something you can just make without planning. Specifically, with what can be accomplished with the API. I’ve poked around making one before, but I never really knew what to put in it. It always just ended up being a glorified event handler with no extra premise besides organization.

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I actually started on something like a MinigamesAPI, called “Ludus”. I believe you were my lead javadoc-manager. I’ll have to pick it up again, sometime, but I just don’t have the time.


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