[Solved]Some questions about commands


I have some questions:

I use CommandSpec, and add arguments with .arguments(GenericArguments.string(KEY)
But what exactly is the key for? Can I use this key later to get what the user typed as this argument?
If yes, how?

In another post, I asked about the testPermission method from CommandCallable.
And the answer was, that I have to call this method by myself.

But now I am wondering how the getSuggestions method works.
Am I right, that I have to call this myself, too?

If yes, how does this work? How can I tell the client what inputs are correct for tab-completion?

  1. It’s posible and in your case id wouls look like this:

2 I don’t think you need to call it and it works like this:

public List<String> getSuggestions(CommandSource source, String arguments) throws CommandException {
        List<String> ret = Lists.newArrayList();
        if(arguments == null || arguments.equals("")) { // argument contains the argument that the user already entered
            ret.add("kill"); // add your suggestions
        } else if(arguments.toLowerCase().equals("kill")) {
        return ret; // return the list

you can also use source to check permissions or cast him to player.

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Great, it works!
Thank you!

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Ah, good to know.

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