[SOLVED]TextActions sur ScoreBoard?

Petite question, on ne peut pas mettre de TextActions.runCommand() ou TextActions.showText() sur un ScoreBoard ? Ca pourrait être pratique.

PS: je suis français.

Google traduction:
Quick question, can not put TextActions.runCommand () or TextActions.showText () on a ScoreBoard? It might be practical.
Thank you

PS: I am French.

I’m not entirely sure what do mean. Are you trying to set a Text including one of those actions as an objective or team display name, or a score?

If you are, then it’s unfortunately not possible. Internally, all scoreboard formatting is done through legacy color codes, due to client limitations. It’s not possible to include more advanced things like click actions in any part of scoreboards that involves Text.

Dommage, merci pour la réponse rapide.

Google traduction:
Too bad, thank you for the quick response.