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$$$ Hello, I’m not sure if this is allowed or not, but I’m looking for someone who can make me a land protection plugin for my pixelmon server. The Pixelmon version with forge that is released right now only works with Sponge 3.1 BETA 1136. I’m not finding many protection plugins that work with the old of a version. Is anyone able to make me a protection plugin? Here is what I would need it to do:

-Claim an area. (This can be done with a gold shovel or something…)
-Allow other players to build in the area (Or remove them)
-Allow for Admins with a certain permission to edit the claims or remove them

That is the basic functions that I need for the plugin. I would be willing to pay for a plugin via paypal, but I’m not sure what would be fair. If you know of a plugin that I could use, I would greatly appreciate it if you could link it to me!


Um pretty sure the latest pixelmon works with latest SpongeForge…

indeed it should, the problem here is that server owners keep assuming that they can’t use a newer forge than the one we recommend (ie Forge’s RB) so they keep trying to use API 3 builds of SF

OP, update to the latest SpongeForge and the version of Forge it requires

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Alright, thanks for the replies. I will give that a try. Pixelmon had a suggested Forge version so I didn’t think I could change the forge to a newer version.

Don’t listen to the RB listing, 1722 is such poop.

I find 1890 to be a very nice fit for Pixelmon Servers.