Some Crash Reports

Hi guys, in the beggining you have to know my english is very weak, so please use simple language, and sorry for any mistakes.

Im trying to make a server with Sponge Forge.

[details=Mods]1. Custom NPCs
2. Realistic Terrain Generator[/details]

[details=Plugins]1. Noxray
2. Aliases
3. Flexiblelogin
4. LuckPerms
5. Nucleus
6. ProjectPortals
7. ProjectWorlds
8. TMotd
9. Webapi
10. Worldedit[/details]

But my server is crashing everytime

Crash Reports:

Crash Report 1

Crash Report 2

Crash Report 3

Guys, i will be very thankfull for every help.
Im waiting for your advices
@Edit I dont know the details bbcode elenet is still opened. If its mistake with my code, please fix it.

To me it seems like your server is stopped because some tick took longer than expected…

Check the max-tick-time setting in your … it should be set to 60000 or more…

If that is true, than: When does the crash happen? During the server-startup or is it already started and running for at least some seconds?
A log of a server-start with the crash might be useful :slight_smile:

max-tick-time = 60000.
The server is crashing when it is empty (Not when im disconnecting). Im sure, because im just building the server and im only one person who know ip

But probably one of crashesh i send (i cant tell you which one right now, because im outside) occured when i used a weapon from custom npcs (magical rod or something like that)

The first crash occurred while the server was processing a squids tick.
The second crash occurred while sponge was processing something after processing an entities tick.
The third crash occurred while fox-guard was initializing and loading handlers.

Maybe your server just needs more than a minute to start? Try setting max-tick-time to -1 (or maybe just double the time to 120000) to test what happens if the watchdog is disabled.
(If your server freezes now, you will have to kill it by hand)

Can you paste your timings (run /sponge timings paste) after letting the server run for a while (but before it crashes)?

Sure, here it is:

Blue, its just because of low memory or cpu right?