Some sort of plugin scaffolding tool?


As the title says, many people created custom plugin scaffolders, such as dinnerbone’s pluginator, but these were often poorly maintained. Will there be an official sponge scaffolder with support for things like services (I need to double-check how they work), versions and all that stuff?

I’m sure there were will be tools available to achieve this once a useable Sponge implementation is ready. It’s probably too early to say exactly what they’ll look like at this stage :).

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There won’t really be a use for anymore of those because all it really did was generate a plugin.yml, and Sponge won’t be using one.

I disagree,
Web apps don’t need plugin.ymls and yet most web developers use yeoman.

Well we aren’t talking about web developing.

But people still use yeoman. My point is, there are other reasons a scaffolding tool is usefull, such as setting up directory structures or maven.

Well setting upaven should be done by your ide. The directory structure too. In eclipse, my ide, I just create a new maven project, enter artifact and group id when promted and copy paste the bukit repo and dependency from my last project. A tool whould you save like 30 seconds, after learning for example 15 minutes where you get it and how to use it. I don’t see a need for such tools

But it’s still boilerplate. 15 seconds adds up to 30, 1 min, 2min, and so on

I don’t think we need an offical one. The team don’t have time for somethink like this. The ned to focus on the api and later the implementation.
But if you think there is a need for such tools others meight think the same and create some tools