Somewhat Confused


I am having a hard time getting this to work. I have downloaded from here.

I used the windows installer (just trying to get it to work on my local machine and eventually will get universal to set up on dedicated server)

When I installed I get the forge-1.10.2-xxx.jar, minecraft_server.1.10.2.jar, and libraries etc. However, I never get a spong-forge.jar file to place into the modpack I plan on using.

Where do I get the sponge-forge.jar?

Maybe I am not understanding…

Homepage Scroll down, it says download Spongeforge. with a link.

First thank you so much for the quick response. Again maybe I am not understanding. That is taking me to the same place.

Homepage > I go to this link -

It takes me here -

I choose > Show All Downloads -

It takes me here and I choose the version I want -

I then download and it give me a file that says “forge-1.10.2-” or I choose “forge-1.10.2-”

This is where I get confused on what to do next. Is the *.jar file what I put in the “mods” directory for modpack?

Are you looking for this?

LOL, yes that is what I am looking for, the only thing again I am not understanding how do I find the correct version. I have been able to download all day long, but where is the list of spongeforge?

In other words when I am here

I need version 2099 I click 2098 -

Takes me to -

Which allows me to download forge but not spongeforge, how do I find the version of spongeforge I need?

Yes, the spongeforge.jar you downloaded from there goes in the mod folder.

And what do you mean correct version? You aren’t trying to match version numbers. Pick the most recent and put it in the mods folder. They are all for 1.10.2

I get it. Version you want.

You are clicking the wrong link. Notice that the number you are clicking on is under a column heading labelled “Forge”, which means when you click that link it will take you to the download page for the correct forge version. Notice the columns to the right labelled “Downloads”. Click the Mod link to download the mod.

No this is not correct, since Sponge ties so tightly into Forge you should always try to match the versions whenever possible.

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There was an edit to that post. I got what they were asking… I first thought they were trying to match versions like Forge version 2098 with spongeforge 2098

Thanks again. That makes sense.

Here is my next question where is 2099? I hit the MOD link and it downloaded 2098 (as it should), but the FTB Forge version is 2099 it seems to jump from 2098 - 2107 -

Because sponge versions are built against forge versions, the forge version is included in the artefact name so you can pick the nearest one. Quite often, subsequent forge versions will have minor changes and so the 2098 will work with 2099, 2100, 2101… etc.

However sometimes a change is made in forge which sponge has to update for, or alternatively we just bump the version so as not to fall too far behind.

Basically, if the version doesn’t match, it may not break, however the first thing to do if it does break is ensure that the versions are as close as physically possible where SF version <= Forge version. Building a new SF for every Forge version would be pretty difficult to maintain.


Thank You all for the help.