SpartanWars is currently looking for a SpongeAPI Developer

SpartanWars is currently looking to addon another developer to the team!

We're looking for someone with the following qualifications

  1. Experience with Java
  2. Experience with Sponge Forge
  3. Experience with Modded Forge Client a plus
  4. Working with teams or independently
  5. Trustworthy and has no problem using a microphone
  6. We are looking for a mature person, ages 18+ preferred.
  7. Professionalism is encouraged

Who are we?

 	SpartanWars is a project that will root from a unique style of Minecraft, 
our aim is to create something that hasn't seen before and
we need developers that are precise and able to accomplish a job properly

If you’re looking for consistent work and you have a respect for the art of programming, please feel free to submit any work/resume/information about you at our email and we will get back to you regardless of if we want to interview you or not. I will reply to every email!

Email: [email protected]

These guys are professional, they have great ideas, and they pay on time. Would recommend.


Bump, still open to resumes!