Spawn for pixelmon


So I have a spawn I’m setting up for a Pixelmon and can’t find a way to stop the Pixelmon from spawning in and around the spawn area. was wondering if anyone had any ideas. most of my efforts failed due to killing the shopkeeping/nurse joy and other general NPCs


A general quick fix I’ve seen in the past is setting the area to a Hell biome. This can sometimes be undesirable as It changes the biome colors and is more of a quick fix.

With grief prevention being as thorough as it is, I recommend using its debug feature to capture all the events used when things spawn so you can make sure you only get what you want to spawn.

Hope it helps


Didn’t mean to delete that… lol so I have everything set up but I’m stuck with /cf collide-entity pixelmon:occupiedpokeball pixelmon:any true override returning ‘you do not have permission to use that flag’ even though I have myself permission to do so. =/


I recommend checking out for specifics. Generally the debug will tell you anything you need but if you still encounter problems they have a great support team on the GP discord.

Also you can undo deleting a post by clicking those 3 dots then the undo delete button


Ok, I have joined and am waiting on a response.

Thank you for your help :smiley: