Spawning entities in just loaded world


I want to spawn entities in a world which is just loaded. I try replicate the stacktrace when the entity should be spawned:

The debug message always is false. Nothing spawns. Is the load world event the right place to spawn entites?

At a guess, no, Have you tried scheduling for the first tick?

I do wonder however what the point of spawning and removing the holograms as the world loads / unloads?

1.8/1.9 give nice mechanics for armor stands to be nice holograms, compared to the negative sized horses or wither heads that were potentially dangerous.

Also, just because the world is loaded, doesn’t mean the chunks that you are attempting to spawn entities in is. A better strategy, if you want to keep doing it, would be to add and remove the entities based on chunks loading and unloading.

Doing all the stuff in the load chunk event did the thing! Thanks!

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