Spectastic - Toggle to spectator mode and back!

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Lets users with the permission toggle between spectator mode and their previous gamemode. Effectively a successor to VanishNoPacket, utilizing modern techniques to watch users.


Use the command /spec or /spectate to toggle spectate status. Returns you to where you started, with the previous gamemode, when run a second time.

  • /spec return
    • Permission spectastic.return
    • Brings you back to where you started without changing mode back.
  • /spec new
    • Permission spectastic.new
    • Changes your game mode back without bringing you back to the previous location


spectastic.spec - Lets you use the main command
spectastic.return - For the return subcommand
spectastic.new - For the new subcommand

A new version has been released for Spectastic, it is available for download here.

No longer whines about not using AbstractDataBuilder, because now it does!

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Accidentally broke the forums. New version available here: mbaxter / Spectastic

See documentation for fancy new commands and features.

Hey, I really like your plugin.

I was wondering if you could add some new features to it =X
I was looking for something that could do the same as the Spectator plugin from Spigot can do.

I also posted a request at the Sponge Forums: [REQUEST] Porting Spectator for Sponge

Is there any plans to include more features to this plugin?