💬 Discord Bridge 2.4.0 (aka SpongeDiscord)


Any idea when an update allowing commands to be run from discord might be added?


I physically cannot figure this out XD anyone able to help me with this?


Physically?? I don’t understand.


He’s just saying he doesn’t understand how the setting up works I’m pretty sure.


If so, did you check README and GETTING STARTED?


I read through it more than once, I have the bot user created on discord, but I can’t get it to my discord server channels. I have the config set for the channel I want it in, I have the bot token in, I have everything but being able to add it to my server.


Did you do this step: Allow the bot to access the channels you will use (https://discordapp.com/developers/docs/topics/oauth2#adding-bots-to-guilds)?


Sorry I’m bad at wording, that’s the step I’m stuck on. I’m completely incompetent when it comes to discord sometimes since I’m still new to the bot thing and have only used pre-made ones you just link up.


I don’t really understand. I don’t think I put any premade one there, do I?


Pre-made meaning like Erisbot or Tatsumaki.


Are you sure you did the first step? Setup a Discord Application and a App Bot user (http://discordapp.com/developers/applications/me)

After that first step, you will see your Bot in the My Apps section of the Discord developer page (link above).


I created the application, named the bot and such and clicked save, then went into it and made it into a user bot.


Ok, then did you do step 2 (Adding Bots to Guilds in the page https://discordapp.com/developers/docs/topics/oauth2#adding-bots-to-guilds)?


I did not, I can’t figure that one out.


I try to do it and get a page that says “{“client_id”: [“This field is required”]}”


In that section, you will see an example URL. Replace client_id=… in that URL with your bot Client ID. Then open that link in any web browser, you will see a webpage to allow that Bot to access your server.


Yea that’s what I did but I get that message, {“client_id”: [“This field is required”]}


You must be using an invalid URL. Please paste the URL you are using here.




Please replace the number after client_id=, not replace the word client_id