Spigot 1.8 Testing is out O:

Hey Guys!

This is probably a little late, but I was surprised that no one posted about Spigot's 1.8 testing...

Here’s a link:

They actually have a working release out, and they are testing for bugs and will apply the final fixes soon. Spigot is still in :smile:! Anyways, I’m nervous to see what Sponge will do for us in the future (I’m aware of what it has to offer, I am referring to the experience). The wait is killing me ;P.

○ Nathan ○

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I think, there way allready a post about this. Read it somewhere here.
I personally think, that we should go with spigot for 1.8 and plan with sponge for 1.9 and beyond. That gives developers both for plugins and the api/implementation much more time. There is no need to rush sponge. It should take it’s time…

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I agree, but they may have already started or are very well in deep progress with 1.8.

Also, about a thread being there, I tried to search and look for it, but I couldn’t find it. If someone can post the link if it does exist that’d be awesome so discussion can be continued there.

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well, they started doing the api, but the api is mostly version independent. Only the implementation may vary (or not, idk much about the implementation since the work was not started)
A rather wait a year for a good api then get something semi finished. I don’t think much people will use sponge for 1.8 since there is spigot which is able to run all of the plugins without any porting required. Most people will be to lazy to do the switch…

we do have a sponge community here too to think about–some of them are just as excited as the developers for all this new stuff to come into play. one or the other, they’re essentially working both 1.8 and 1.9, considering once 1.9 comes out they’ll just do what they’ve been doing all this time; adding whats missing compared to the newest version.

i dont think we have to worry about them rushing things either; they know what they’re doing, and probably better than what a lot of us do. they’re all skilled and rational, and if they need time then i dont think they’d have problems announcing that its gonna take a bit longer. i believe in this community they’ve managed to build.

I am a developer. I did many plugins for bukkit, mainly private. I currently don’t see much, what make the sponge api supirior to bukkits. only the entity component system, which doesn’t seem to develop that fast…
Sure, bukkits api is not always well written, but you get along with it. Only the implementation of sponge will be interesting for me, because of the access to nativ server code through forge and the mod support.

The thing that makes it superior in my book is the lack of a DMCA and the ability to keep moving forward with new builds.


There may not be any difference yet, or ever, but it’s still unique like the other 50 servers currently being worked on.

Lets wait and see how spigot solved the legal problems. The will release it soon I think, since testing is mostly done.

Internal testing is finished and they’ve opened the test server for everyone till Saturday (test.spigotmc.org).
I guess this means it means it’ll get released very soon.

I don’t know why, but for some reason the site doesn’t load for me. Anyone else having the same issue?

You mean test.spigotmc.org? That’s a minecraft server not a website.

The announcement is here

Oh lol, I for some reason thought it was a web site… xD

Yes it would seem so! I expect they may release it this Sunday/Monday. Don’t count on me though :stuck_out_tongue: