Splish - Allows manipulation of the fishing loot table

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Splish is a plugin that admins can use to modify the fishing loot table.


The default generated config contains Minecraft’s default fishing table. Have a look at it to better understand the system.
The entries[] tag is a list of all entry tags.
Each entry tag has three components:

  1. The item{} tag. This is a standard item tag formatted how Mojang does it. See here for details. The id, Count, and Damage tags are required. Also, unlike in /give, everything else must be wrapped in tag{}.
  2. The chance{} tag. This is a compound containing four tags: unenchanted, lots1, lots2, and lots3. lots stands for Luck of the Sea, and each tag represents the number of levels of Luck of the Sea that the fishing rod is enchanted with. While the chances have been written so that they all add up to 1, this is not actually necessary. So if I had 3 elements, with chances 1, 1, and 3, the first two would have a 1/5 chance and the third would have a 3/5 chance.
  3. The extra{} tag. This tag is optional, and may contain one of a few extra modifiers.
  4. rand-enchant{} is a modifier that randomly enchants the item. If extended is true, it can apply enchantments that the item does not accept normally from an enchanting table. Unfortunately this cannot entirely mimic vanilla functionality; this is an API limitation, as the only random enchantment generator in Sponge does not accept an experience level argument.
  5. rand-damage{} is a modifier that randomly damages the item, from min to max. Note that this cannot do variances, such as wool colors; it is only applicable to tool durability. The number specified is how much damage is taken off the tool, not how much health it has left.


This plugin has no direct commands, but it supports /sponge plugins reload. When run, it will reload the configuration.


1.0.0: I’d tell you, but the computer that used to hold this information was recently fished out of the ocean.