Sponge and Spigot Plugins

Hello my name is Cruor and im a french server administrator.

We are interested by switching on Sponge and enter in the Modding World to make our server more Unique.

However the only STOP we have is about Plugins, we cant go on Sponge before we are sure that our spigot plugins will work.

There are some reasons

We have made investments on plugins
Our community is used to plugins
If we stop using our plugins it would be a Back To The Start and this is not an option.

So here two questions:

Does exist a plugin/Bridge between Sponge and Spigot?

Will Spigot’s plugins be compatible with Sponge one day?

Thank you

I’ll answer this as short as possible:

  • no, no direct compatibility between Sponge and bukkit/spigot
  • there’s pore, a bukkit to Sponge bridge. You find it in the Plugin subsection of this Forums

Welcome aboard and habe a nice stay! :smile:

Hi Tzk,

Thank you very much for your quick answer.

We will try to run with pore then, with some luck most of all will maybe run.

Have a nice day

Thank you

Je m’escuse en avance que mon français n’est pas le meilleure.

Vous devriez savoir que Sponge n’est pas prêt d’avoir des plugins complexes, même si le API as assez pour faire quelque choses, vous devriez attends pendants quelque mois. Pour l’instant, Sponge n’est pas valable pour un serveur production. Dans quelque mois, il sera possible de reproduire un grand nombre des functionalités que vous souhaitez avec plugins. Mais encore, ce n’est pas le cas pour le moment.