Sponge Block Tracking

I noticed in the config there’s:

    block-tracking {
    # Add block ids you wish to blacklist for player block placement tracking.
    # If enabled, adds player tracking support for block positions. Note: This should only be disabled if you do not care who caused a block to change.

How does this feature work exactly? Does it just log all the blocks broken and other plugins use it? Does it have its own lookup commands?

There’s an API feature where we can get who placed a block, and it’s linked with this. I don’t think there are any commands, but a plugin could make one.

Does use it use up much performance?

I shouldn’t think so; it records block placings, and writes them to NBT when the world is saved.

In addition, you can see the block-change cause data that sponge generates by pressing F3 if you run a SpongeForge client on a Sponge server.

How are they written to NBT, if there are no tile entities for most of the blocks? If they are written to NBT, it would be very useful exposing it so we can write and read more data to it.

I believe it’s stored in level_sponge.dat

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