Sponge Chunk/Ore Generation Blocking execution

Update: Looks like the issue was custom generator settings for server.properties. I got Thaumcraft loaded. Will test with other mods later today and keep an updated log.

Hello everyone. I’ve been trying to get different types of Forge ore mods working like BaseMetals or SubStratum, and the server becomes completely unresponsive. Looking at my process monitor, the CPU gets pegged at 100%. There are no error when loading. These mods work perfectly fine by themselves, and I’ve tried multiple ways of trying to get sponge working with them but no dice. If you pre-generate the world, and then load sponge as a mod, it becomes unresponsive. Loading both at the same time for generation has the same effect. The only mods loaded are sponge and the mod that adds ores.

Let me know what type of information you need to better diagnose this issue.

Server stats: 4 core 8 threaded Xeon e3, 16gb of ram, world is loaded on ramdisk for faster generation.

Edit: Using the latest Forge / Sponge | Also, happens with latest Thaumcraft.

Update 2

Looks like the BaseMetals mod with sponge has the same issue. No custom generation used this time, level type set to default. In the sponge config I’ve also taken off block monitoring to see it it may have been that but the same issue still arises. I will test with another Ore mod and update.

Crash Report:

Update 3

So I was able to get around the generation issue by loading up a world without the new ore’s. You can then add the ore’s to the mods directory and fire up the server again and it works perfectly fine. Walking into a new chunk generates the non vanillas ore’s just fine. I then used Project worlds to load into DIM1 and there was no issue. I then teleported to DIM-1 and the server hung on a tick again.

Looks like I’m just going to have to stick with the vanillas ore’s for now. Any chance anyone could look at this and maybe give me some guidance? Should I put this up on github issues?


You need to update to latest 1.8.9 SpongeForge build. This issue should no longer be happening. Also post a full log if it happens again.

Thank you blood. Will check it out now. I was running under the 1.8.9-1722-3.1.0-BETA-1122. I will run under 3.1.0-BETA-1131.

PERFECT! THANK YOU. It was so frustrating to have your server keep hanging.